Build custom trading bots without writing a single line of code

Democratizing Access

Algorithmic trading should not be accessible to only hedge funds and elite programmers.

Daedalus is working to democratize access to these powerful tools for everyday people.

Our vision

Quickly and easily create whatever trading strategy you have in mind

Currently supporting technical and social indicators, with Daedalus you will be able to trade based off the weather, political climate, charts, when Elon Musk tweets about some coin, or really whatever condition you can think of.

No Code

No more spreadsheets, no more manual trades. Create dynamic strategies with a no-code visual editor. Watch your trades execute automatically.



Discover Daedalus’s collection of ready-made strategy templates.

Drag and Drop

Connect your brokerage or crypto account to make live trades using our scratch like interface. Build your portfolio by investing in strategies. Monitor performance and watch them trade live.

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